Friday, December 7, 2012

My Top 6 Games I play Online

Hi guys, How was your week? I just thought to share these list of games I like to play online. These games are not just any game but somehow helped me become who I am today as a person and of course as a girl gamer. the connection from it allows me to know more about the game and met new friends online or offline. You may be familiar of some of the games I will list here, So please feel free to share your experiences with me, What was your top 6 list of games you play online too? Please be advised of my Do's and Dont's. The games I listed below are randomly selected based on my experience and how often I play the game and it may not be in order.

DO: Allow yourself to learn the game, If you can manage that you will be officially be a great gamer.
Learn how to communicate with others, So they will enjoy playing with you.
            DONT: Try to know your limitations in playing the game, take breaks and don't skip meals.
Do your homework first if you are still in school, We don't want bad grades, Bad is Bad!

First Game World of Warcraft - It is in the top of my list because I had been playing this game for more than 6yrs now. I started playing it since the expansion beta "warcraft" came out. My friend introduced me to this game and you can play it as role playing, player vs player or just player vs environment. My first character I made was a Priest I really liked it and without hesitation after playing the trial I decided to signed up for my own account.
Since then I really enjoy playing my characters and joined a top rank guilds in the first server. I learned to become a raider. It was so awesome and I never regret anything playing this game because not only that it allows me to establish a blog and talk about it, It also allow me to help out the World of Warcraft community by sharing my thoughts and ideas and become a part of a great team of moderators over at Blog Azeroth Forums.

Second Game Diablo III - This game is great! I managed to level my character to 56 and reach Inferno mode and it was really hard but its very challenging and that's what makes this game awesome. I know lots of us gamers has different opinions about this game. Some actually quit playing WoW and just playing Diablo III instead I know most of my previous guild friends did it. But anyway, I like the effects, the graphics, and Overall It is fun and entertaining as always I love the story behind it. The cinematic are very well done. So how about you did you try playing this game? If you haven't yet try it and see for your self and Enjoy it!

Third Game Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty- This game is awesome! If you like to play as a defensive team or offensive this game is for you. You can choose to play campaign mode or multiplayer its your choice, this is also one of the great featured games. What team are you Terran, Zerg or Protoss? I personally like Protoss and Terran, Not so much with zerg but If you are quick and know all what needs to build in the game all 3 units are awesome to play. So try it if you haven't yet. March 12, 2013 is when Starcraft 3 Heart of the Swarm will be released, So many starcraft fans out there are looking forward to it for sure!

Fourth Game Ragnarok Online - My 4th best game I ever play online. I was playing a Transcendent Priest, an Assassin and many others. I really enjoyed playing this game. I remember joining in to raid War of the Emperiums with different other guilds in the game. I have kept some good screen shots from the game when I was in Rezbank guild (all asian mostly filipino guild) was awesome!
I will never forget all those great times I shared with everyone and through this game I was able to met the love of my life but 5yrs later things happened for a reason and got my heart broken. But its okay though because we still remain great friends.

How about you, Have you ever played this kind of game? If you want to try playing RPG it is super fun as well. But beware of those spammers and vendors online they will sell you lots of zennies and cute pink porings!

Fifth Game Aion - My 5th MMORPG game I played after taking a break from World of Warcraft. What I really like about this game was the character costumization and of course who doesn't like angel wings!!! The only problem with this game was that the quest leveling I wasn't fun of, it was taking so long to finish one damn quest chain and so little experience is given. But I was still able to enjoy this game, my account is deactivated at the moment as I don't really have time to play it the same time with WoW. But this game still good to play and may have been some changes to it because it has been months since I last play it. How about you? Have you played this game before? What do you think? Please share and I like to hear your opinions about it.

Sixth Game Forsaken World - My 6th MMORPG that is free!!!  who doesn't like to play a free game right? Well first of, this game's character customization is kinda similar to AION as well as the graphics, but some key functions is a little difficult to play but it can be customized. I enjoyed playing this with a friend of mine who is my guild master now in World of Warcraft.

Also, playing this game and doing all the quest was okay but joining in for dungeons and get more extra daily quest experiences has a duration of hours and sometimes a day to wait so that was the downside of this game. But overall I still enjoyed playing this game because it is still fun, and also loved the gears in this game! so lovely, especially the free costumes when there is an event happening in the server.

Anyway, These 6 games I listed are my favorites so far, I know there's more games that I play i.e Maple story,  League of Legends and even Facebook games but that will be on the next few topics to discuss.. For now hope you relate to my experiences of today's post. Please share yours and comment below. Also don't forget to subscribe my feeds and follow me in twitter! Thanks guys until next time! <3

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is a Girl Gamer?

Based on wikipedia, A girl gamer describes a female who regularly engages in the playing of video games, role-playing games, or other games (colloquially referred to as "gaming"). This can be from the most casual interest to the most serious professional gaming.

Also I read an article about being a girl gamer or a female/women gamer has a lot of observations about it that it has brought to a lot of debates. In my opinion because of the word "girl" who people mostly describe it is a "girl" playing any games and like games who's age range is around there teenage years. vs being a "female/women gamer" who's age range is around there 20's and up. But honestly, There is not much of a difference because based on my own experience playing role playing games, console and many others as long as you know how to play the game, age doesn't matter. 

Honestly, there's a 12yrs old gamers there that is more mature and very well know how to play a game vs a 25yrs old guy who only does is talk trash and not do very well in game. But that is just me. Many gamers has different opinions about this topic. But being a girl gamer as I also described myself its not very uncommon word in the gaming world. 

The only difference between a girl gamer and a guy gamer is really just their genitalia, and physiques. But it can be categorized in many different ways for both gamers. Like how much stamina do you have to stay up, how many hours sitting in front of the computer just playing games, or it's just how you really manage your time. Being a girl gamer can be an advantage "they said" as I noticed like when I was playing World of Warcraft some guy friends online is cross-dressing and I asked them why? their responses was funny and said "because they will give me gold because im a female" lol! But i think i got the idea why, it is because of the femininity side of being a girl gamer that attracts guys and able to help them out in game better? Well, correct me if im wrong but that's how i understand it.

Anyway, There will be more topics coming up. Please subscribe to get my latest updates. Thank you for reading my blog, Hope to hear from you what your thoughts as well. Are you proud being a Girl gamer? Tell me about it, and I might talk about this on next post. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to Amer Gamer Blog!

An Introduction of a new blog, aside from having two and more focused blogs about World of Warcraft and The community over at Amerence Love WoW and Amerpriest Blog, this one is more personal but still related to the games I play. I like to share this blog for everyone to read, comment, or just visiting. This blog focuses on what thoughts and experiences I have in mind being a girl gamer that I am today. I respect everyone who loves to play games it could be console, pc or even the games you play on your cellphones, psp, or any gaming devices.

Yes, I am a girl gamer and My name is Amer, I started playing games since I was still in my grade school, I love to go to arcade centers or down the street from our house back when I was still in my home country, I pay 5 pesos and that will allow me to play at least 3-5 different games single player. The games I played was Street fighter, Mortal combat, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros even those Pacman games are so fun and many more... 

The games I mentioned were just the few of many games I played to this day. The very first PC game I played was the Warcraft expansion, the game is similar to League of Legends. I also played a lot of the first Starcraft expansions, Quake, and then the first RPG was Ragnarok Online. 

During College, I got so addicted with Counterstrike as well. I admit that I got so hooked up and I always go out just to find an internet cafe  to play this game. I became a regular costumer at the cafe and obviously at the game room I am the one of the girl gamer out there. After playing Ragnarok Online, My ex bf introduced me to World of Warcraft of course it didn't take me long to consider having my own account and level characters been playing it for 6yrs now. 

Within those years of playing WoW I eventually tried different MMORPG like Aion, Rift, Forsaken World, and many others. I know it becomes an addiction but I still manage to go to work everyday of my life to help support myself and my family. At least, that I didn't lose my obligation to do so. I am responsible and still able to hang out with my real life friends which is great, and I am thankful for that.

Anyway, That's it for now. I hope you get the idea of why I made this blog is pretty much to express random thoughts of being a girl gamer. I thank all my friends online or offline for there continued support and love. I love you all! and Have a good one!
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