Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to Amer Gamer Blog!

An Introduction of a new blog, aside from having two and more focused blogs about World of Warcraft and The community over at Amerence Love WoW and Amerpriest Blog, this one is more personal but still related to the games I play. I like to share this blog for everyone to read, comment, or just visiting. This blog focuses on what thoughts and experiences I have in mind being a girl gamer that I am today. I respect everyone who loves to play games it could be console, pc or even the games you play on your cellphones, psp, or any gaming devices.

Yes, I am a girl gamer and My name is Amer, I started playing games since I was still in my grade school, I love to go to arcade centers or down the street from our house back when I was still in my home country, I pay 5 pesos and that will allow me to play at least 3-5 different games single player. The games I played was Street fighter, Mortal combat, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros even those Pacman games are so fun and many more... 

The games I mentioned were just the few of many games I played to this day. The very first PC game I played was the Warcraft expansion, the game is similar to League of Legends. I also played a lot of the first Starcraft expansions, Quake, and then the first RPG was Ragnarok Online. 

During College, I got so addicted with Counterstrike as well. I admit that I got so hooked up and I always go out just to find an internet cafe  to play this game. I became a regular costumer at the cafe and obviously at the game room I am the one of the girl gamer out there. After playing Ragnarok Online, My ex bf introduced me to World of Warcraft of course it didn't take me long to consider having my own account and level characters been playing it for 6yrs now. 

Within those years of playing WoW I eventually tried different MMORPG like Aion, Rift, Forsaken World, and many others. I know it becomes an addiction but I still manage to go to work everyday of my life to help support myself and my family. At least, that I didn't lose my obligation to do so. I am responsible and still able to hang out with my real life friends which is great, and I am thankful for that.

Anyway, That's it for now. I hope you get the idea of why I made this blog is pretty much to express random thoughts of being a girl gamer. I thank all my friends online or offline for there continued support and love. I love you all! and Have a good one!


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