Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is a Girl Gamer?

Based on wikipedia, A girl gamer describes a female who regularly engages in the playing of video games, role-playing games, or other games (colloquially referred to as "gaming"). This can be from the most casual interest to the most serious professional gaming.

Also I read an article about being a girl gamer or a female/women gamer has a lot of observations about it that it has brought to a lot of debates. In my opinion because of the word "girl" who people mostly describe it is a "girl" playing any games and like games who's age range is around there teenage years. vs being a "female/women gamer" who's age range is around there 20's and up. But honestly, There is not much of a difference because based on my own experience playing role playing games, console and many others as long as you know how to play the game, age doesn't matter. 

Honestly, there's a 12yrs old gamers there that is more mature and very well know how to play a game vs a 25yrs old guy who only does is talk trash and not do very well in game. But that is just me. Many gamers has different opinions about this topic. But being a girl gamer as I also described myself its not very uncommon word in the gaming world. 

The only difference between a girl gamer and a guy gamer is really just their genitalia, and physiques. But it can be categorized in many different ways for both gamers. Like how much stamina do you have to stay up, how many hours sitting in front of the computer just playing games, or it's just how you really manage your time. Being a girl gamer can be an advantage "they said" as I noticed like when I was playing World of Warcraft some guy friends online is cross-dressing and I asked them why? their responses was funny and said "because they will give me gold because im a female" lol! But i think i got the idea why, it is because of the femininity side of being a girl gamer that attracts guys and able to help them out in game better? Well, correct me if im wrong but that's how i understand it.

Anyway, There will be more topics coming up. Please subscribe to get my latest updates. Thank you for reading my blog, Hope to hear from you what your thoughts as well. Are you proud being a Girl gamer? Tell me about it, and I might talk about this on next post. Have a great day everyone!


Starre said...

Your correct there really isn't a lot of difference in gamers these days. I've met not as many but a few over the top woman gamers who left the words jackarse on my lips as they passed by. I remember one-time even thinking "thats had to really have been a guy" unfair maybe but sadly it's usually guys who come off with the jackarse attitudes in-games. Girl gamers are on the rise, have been for years actually, this coming from a 40+ yr old lady gamer whose been playing at least eight years =)

Amerence said...

Thanks for dropping by Starre, I agree with you as well. I had a friend who was actually 60+ yrs old and play the game and does very well. Like i mentioned above the age really doesn't matter. but yea some are just don't know how to play the game and just talk trash or just bored and picking on others but whatever it is I hope the being a girl gamer they don't take advantage of.

runescape account said...

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Amerence said...

heya rune,
Thanks for dropping by and glad you like my topics here. Anyway, about your question I have not been able to try it yet but is it an rpg type of game? it could be similar to the ragnarok online i used to play. but i will look into it too because it sounds interesting. Thanks again! =)

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