Friday, February 26, 2016

My thoughts on Blade and Soul

Hi gamers, it's been a while.. to reintroduce my blog again i decided i will focus more on trying to expand my adventures on online gaming such as MMOs and not only in World of Warcraft. My top list of games i used to play on my previous post will change and i will definitely update that here in the next few days. I just happened to upgrade my graphics card bec of this game and now I am able to play the game in high settings which does helped a lot. Trust me my PC is 10yrs old haha.

Today i will share my thoughts on the current MMO I've been playing for about a month now which is the Blade and Soul by NCSOFT. SInce it came out the level capped for this game right now is level 45. My crappy computer not gonna cut it as this game recommend pc settings that has a great design that allows players to fully enjoy it what the game has to offer. Not to mention this game is FREE to play.

My Summoner Her name is Amerence
In game character customization, More like AION one of NCSOFT MMO game as well its a bit similar and really detailed from adjustable eyebrows, color of eyes, lips, whole body configuration height, chin etc. It is varies to players liking so they enjoy what their characters in game would look like and i think that's very neat depending on what type of race and class you are playing. My first character is  Lyn race and a summoner class, I enjoyed playing her so far. 

Just a heads up I will not be discussing the whole in game details here but instead i will make this post short for everyone to discover it on their own time. I am simply just sharing my thoughts on random categories i find it important as I continue to play this game to this day.

Blade and Soul is captivating, from PvP game play and PvE their is also 2 factions RED for Crimson Legion and BLUE for Cerulean Order. At the starting quest zone you will get a chance to pick as you continue to follow the quest guide. As far as questing as well, I love it it has awesome cinematic like I am watching an episode of anime movies i watch from time to time. It makes sense to follow the quest line because this way you will understand the whole story of the beginning world. 

As far as the economy of this game I am okay with it, but hard to farm items to craft for your professions. It is my continuous struggle but selling in AH as items are incredibly expensive not to mention leveling your gears to upgrade needs gold, somehow you will learn to farm and doing all daily quests and dungeons for you to survive in this game. Be aware of spam bots, and gold farmers as they will annoyingly announce it in your chat bars, just report them and block.

So far, playing the game for a month i experienced a whole new world to explore did i ever mentioned how beautiful it is in game yea check this game out for sure, full of quest and adventures, skills to learn, PvP and killing end game bosses. I am not going to compare my days playing World of Warcraft for 10yrs now because the game still fairly new to others so I am not going to spoil the fun. But I would like you to enjoy the game like i did. I am also leveling a force master right now too. and soon a new class will be announced on March 2, Warlock details here. I am also looking forward to play the new class. 

This game is FREE to play yes its FREE, depending on what server you are playing obviously I am in North America - Iksanun server there will be no que time when playing but I believed they will be eventually do something about other servers having que time because of the population of players on that server especially if you are going to Mushin server its a bit crowded there.

Anyway, Thanks guys hope you will explore this game and enjoy playing it. please visit the links provided to download the game click here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will be blogging more about this game and new MMO updates soon to follow. Happy gaming gamers! cheers!


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